Friday, October 3, 2014

Lettuce Link Blog moving to Wordpress

Hello Lettuce Link Community!

In the past ten months, you might have noticed that you haven't been receiving many updates from the Lettuce Link blog.  We have been experiencing some technical challenges with our current format.  In an effort to make sure we're reaching all of you, and you're able to reach us, we will be moving blog platforms in the coming months.

We will be joining our organization, Solid Ground, at Wordpress!  Same content, same folks posting, but we will now be posting alongside the rest of our coworkers under the main Solid Ground blog!  You can easily subscribe to receive notifications of new posts on the main page of the Solid Ground blog.

If you're mainly interested in hunger, food justice, gardening, etc., you will find categories on the sidebar of the Solid Ground blog to direct you to your interest areas quickly.  You will also find some additional great content on the Solid Ground blog around areas of advocacy, housing, education, and more.

We'll keep this blog up for the next few months, and let you know before it comes down permanently.

You can now find us here: and also find us on Facebook as Lettuce Link (a program of Solid Ground).  

Thank you for your patience as we switch platforms,

Lettuce Link Staff


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