Western Washington Gleaning Groups

In Seattle, we're lucky to have a city-wide gleaning effort coordinated among several groups. But what if you live outside of Seattle and want to donate or harvest fresh fruits and vegetables?

Here are a some gleaning groups we know of in Western Washington. Know of others? Send us a note at lettucelink@solid-ground.org. It's great when we can directly connect people with a gleaning project in their own area.


Clallam County

Clark County

Island County

Jefferson County

King County 

Kitsap County

Pierce County

Skagit County

Snohomish County

Thurston County

Whatcom County

In 2009, Lettuce Link published an urban fruit harvest guide, written by harvest and fruit tree extraordinaire, Gail Savina. Gather It! How to Organize an Urban Fruit Harvest -- all the steps and resources to start a harvest project of your own.

Want to start something in your area? We'd be happy to talk with you about tips, resources, and ideas.

Happy harvesting!


lzbigley said...

Lettuce Link, Thank you. Your website has made finding Gleaners to pick grapes in Rainier Valley. Linda

lzbigley said...

Please add. Makes finding Gleaners easy.

Georgie Gurl said...

Are there any gleaning spots in Renton(I hope! I hope!).

Unknown said...


I'd like to update a link on this list. I'm with Harvest Pierce County who puts on the Pierce County Gleaning project (serving more than Tacoma). Here's the link to our website:



Kathy said...

Thanks a ton for sharing this information in this article. Many thanks!
Reference: Reference: What is It Like Living in Washington DC