Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Packing Seeds for the Spring

Here at Lettuce Link, we encourage people to grow food for themselves and their families. One way we promote self-sufficiency is by distributing seeds, starts and gardening information to clients at food banks all over Seattle. Food bank directors and clients have talked to us about the effectiveness of distributing seeds and starts:

"Everything grew lovely and abundant. Especially the tomatoes. Everyone kept asking, where did you get those seeds from? ... We shared them with the neighbors, they were beautiful." -Client at the Rainier Valley Food Bank.

Our volunteers have been hard at work, packing seeds for distribution. Thanks to their excellent packing, organizing, and sorting we're ready to go for the spring!

On Martin Luther King Jr Day, we hosted a group of volunteers from the University of Washington's AMSA premed organization in conjunction with the UW Day of Service. They helped us finish our final sorting and packing.

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