Saturday, June 12, 2010

Seeds From Schools

Recently students from The Meridian School brought in bean starts they planted in class. Thanks to the students’ care, the sprouts are now ready to be transplanted into gardens and start growing food! Most of the starts will be distributed at local food banks to families to plant in their home gardens, and the rest will be planted at Marra Farm. The project let the students learn about gardening, have fun, and give back to the community.

The class grew the beans as part of a service-learning program in school, as a way to get involved in and help the local community. The idea to plant starters of food plants came about as an effort to combine both community service projects and earth day activities – the seeds were handed out right around earth day to teach the students about environmental action. The students planted seeds in class, then some families took the sprouts home to care for, while two 5th grade classes cared for their baby plants in the greenhouse at school.

Thanks to a parent suggestion, the parent committee in charge of the project decided to donate the newly sprouted beans to us at Lettuce Link, and now they will be passed along to new families in need who are eager to plant in their home gardens!

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