Tuesday, September 28, 2010

New faces at Lettuce Link

This summer marked the start of my fifth year officially working with Lettuce Link. During that time, we have worked with hundreds of amazing volunteers, engaged with over 1,000 children in food growing and even doubled the amount of produce donated to local emergency food providers!

More than just that though, it is the community of people involved with Lettuce Link who are creating a radical shift in the way food is grown and shared that makes everyday, even the really long days, worthwhile. Even as we see shrinking government and personal budgets, we are creating strong links among food bank clients, gardeners, teachers and learners of all ages.

Welcome, Scott!
Farm Coordinator, Seattle Community Farm

Robin, new Lettuce Link Program Assistant

Welcome, Amelia!
Though our work expanded, our staffing remained basically the same, until this month! More than just new faces, these folks bring new energy, passion, and ideas. I am so pleased to introduce Robin as our program assistant, Scott Behmer as our farm coordinator for the Seattle Community Farm at Rainier Vista and Amelia Swinton as our new AppleCorps member (you've already seen a posting from her).

This same week we sadly say goodbye to Sadie Beauregard who has been an amazing VISTA with us for 1.5 years now, but we know that she will rock her next project and wow her next supervisor.

Good bye, Sadie. We'll miss you!
It was great to see you at our summer fundraiser, our thank you gathering, and at Marra Farm movie night! It's the people who make this program great. Happy fall harvest!

(Lettuce Link Program Manager)

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