Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A New Shed at Marra Farm

Beds have been turned, cover crop has been sown, and the bees are burrowed deep in their hives. Winter has settled in Seattle, and Marra Farm is fast asleep.

We concluded 2010 with one final project: the installation of an absolutely theft-proof shipping container to house our tools. As many of you know, we've struggled with shed break-ins and tool theft almost every year, so we are thrilled by this addition to Marra Farm.

Thanks to a very generous donation by the Service Girls, who volunteered with us last August, our supplies will be safe until we call them back into action come March.

We inventoried supplies,
hoisted ornery wheelbarrows

and were nearly eaten by carnivorous tarps.

But through these perils, we prevailed.
Now everything is very, very safe.

A huge GRACIAS goes out to the Service Girls and all the other volunteers, clients, students, and donors who have made 2010 such a stand-out year for Marra Farm.

Our first big project for 2011: greenhouse construction! Stay posted for more info on how to help with this hot project.

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