Thursday, March 31, 2011

Beautiful new fence spruces up Seattle Community Farm

This past weekend, 25 volunteers spent a total of 135 hours building a fence that is 400 ft long. Wow!

There were many steps to the process, and we were amazed to have the whole thing done in only two days.

The entire project was organized by a Seattle Works HandsOn Leadership Team: Amy, Ethan, Emily, and Genevieve.The four of them planned the overall project, worked with our Farm Coordinator to secure materials, recruited volunteers, and made sure the work got done!

While the team got a lot of work done, it wasn't all work all the time. We also had fun together! And enjoyed a visit from the neighborhood goats.

The organizing team made sure to reach out to local volunteers, and a number of the fence builders live right in the neighborhood around the farm. A few of these folks are Habitat for Humanity residents, and are using their volunteer hours with us to count towards the sweat equity hours required of Habitat homeowners. We're grateful that the local Habitat for Humanity office considers the Seattle Community Farm a valuable part of the community, and supports homeowners volunteering with us.

Thanks to the hard work of the HandsOn Leadership Team and the many volunteers this weekend, our farm is one big step closer to looking the way the community envisioned it. Gradually all the pieces are coming together, and we expect to be in full swing by the time the sun comes out this summer!


Davie G said...

What about a little love for Habitat EKC? (

lettucelink said...

Of course! So sorry to leave out mention of you guys! We definitely appreciate our Habitat of East King County volunteers and all the awesome work and spirit you bring!

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