Monday, May 23, 2011

First planting at the Seattle Community Farm

Mother nature has finally decided to favor us with some sun, and so we are happy to announce that the first vegetables have been planted at the Seattle Community Farm!

We still have to finish building retaining walls behind the compost piles, but most of our work from here on out will be growing for and with the community around Rainier Vista!

Gardening is in large part about patience and taking the long view. We plant seeds or starts in the ground, and we anticipate the tasty vegetables they will produce in a few months' time.

Those of us involved in the Seattle Community Farm also take the long view. For over a year, Lettuce Link and others have been planning and preparing the ground to grow this project. Planting our first vegetables feels like a milestone, and it is. But it's also just one more piece of the whole picture. Beyond healthy, nourishing food, we anticipate cultivating a vibrant community of volunteers, children, and neighbors who participate in and benefit from the farm. And for now, we'll tend our vegetables, our programs, and our volunteers with care and excitement.

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