Thursday, September 1, 2011

Harvests Begin at the Seattle Community Farm

 A month ago, we had our first harvest at the Seattle Community Farm. That one weighed in at just under 6 pounds, and in four weeks we've gotten all the way up to a harvest of 132 pounds.So far our harvest total is 321 pounds, and we expect that to keep growing.

So far we've harvested a lot of lettuce and basil, collards, radishes, beets, turnips, a few kohlrabi, tomatoes and lots of green beans. We're also bringing in zucchini and cucumbers, including some lovely looking lemon cucumbers. The turnips will be coming soon, and carrots not too long after that.

Our harvests go to both work trade participants (people who might not otherwise be able to afford fresh produce) and the Rainier Valley Food Bank.

Now comes the fun part - figuring out what to do with the vegetables. Chard is new to some people, while others have never eaten radishes. We're going to have a few potlucks and meals at the farm where people can teach each other how to cook the veggies that we grow. Farming is about eating, after all, and eating is best when its shared with friends and neighbors.

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