Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Outdoor Movie Night at Marra Farm 2011

For the 2010 Marra Farm Outdoor Movie, it rained.  And not just a little rain - it was a torrential downpour for the ENTIRE evening.  We had a few intrepid attendees huddle under canopies to watch the film, but everyone was damp and cold by the end of the night.

I, personally, felt that the universe owed us big time after that.  And lo and behold, we could not have asked for a more beautiful evening to host the fourth annual Marra Farm Outdoor Movie.

After a warm day, the air cooled down to a pleasant temperature, and over 80 people joined us under the stars and amid the corn at Marra Farm for the Seattle premier screening of The Greenhorns, a film about a new generation of young farmers.   

We hosted farm tours and ate delicious sandwiches from Homegrown Sustainable Sandwich Shop and goodies baked by Lettuce Link volunteers.  Before the movie, there was Lettuce Link trivia with fresh vegetable for prizes, and an introduction to the film by Becky Warner, a former Marra Farm volunteer and farm intern at the Oxbow Center for Sustainable Agriculture and the Environment in Carnation.

Becky shared about her career switch from software developer to farmer and why she feels passionately about growing food.  She also gave us some information about the Young Farmers Coalitions - both nationally and here in Washington.  There's even an annual Mixer coming up in Olympia on October 3rd, open to all - young and beginning farmers, future farmers, mentor farmers, and farmer friends (anyone reading this blog qualifies) from around the state.

And then we watched the film:

Missed the screening?  Never fear!  Central Co-op is sponsoring a screening on October 24th at Northwest Film Forum, and Seattle Tilth will be showing it October 26th at the Good Shepherd Center.

Unfortunately you did miss out on the amazing experience of watching a film about farming on a farm.  But mark your calendars now - the fifth annual Marra Farm Outdoor Movie will most likely be September 8, 2012!  

Special thanks to Wallingford Meaningful Movies for their invaluable help in providing the equipment and technological expertise.  

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