Monday, November 21, 2011

Rally for a Fairer Farm Bill -- TODAY!

Supporters of Lettuce Link --

The Northwest Farm Bill Action Group is hosting a RALLY for a FAIRER FARM BILL -- and it's TODAY at 2pm at Victor Steinbrueck Park (directly north of Pike's Place market). Prior to the rally, supporters and members of NWFBAG will present Senator Patty Murray's King County Director with hundreds of signed postcards from farmers and urban constituents who are advocating for a more just food system that provides for communities, farmers, markets, and ecosystems. Join NWFBAG in demanding that we:

• capping and reforming commodity subsidies

• prioritizing working lands conservation programs

• reinvesting in innovative, job-creating programs for rural economic development, local and regional food systems, renewable energy, organic farming, and young and beginning farmers 

• raising revenue, making cuts to non-safety net programs, and exempting safety net programs from reductions  -- three crucial approaches to justly reducing the deficit.
How does this relate to Lettuce Link's work? 

The Farm Bill is the country’s main food and farm legislation. A multi-year bill, it funds commodity subsidies, crop insurance, conservation programs, food stamps, and many other programs. One specific relationship: the Seattle Community Farm's start-up costs were funded a Community Food Project grant -- Farm Bill money. But more broadly, Lettuce Link's work responds to many of the Bill's darker sides. These include:

 ~funding commodity agriculturists instead of sustainable farmers
~supporting growers of monocrop corn, wheat and soy but offering no subsidies to growers of fruit or vegetables
~centralizing food production in a way that disassociates most of us -- and especially those of us who live in cities -- from the labor and methods of growing food. 

Learn more about the Farm Bill through some of our earlier blog posts (1) and (2) and (3), then come rally with NWFBAG for a fairer, healthier, and tastier food system!! If you aren't able to be at this rally but would like to support the policy priorities of NWFBAG, please find information for calling legislators here.

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