Monday, January 23, 2012

Register NOW for Hunger Action Day

At Lettuce Link, we combat hunger and injustice by building community, supporting gardeners, and donating to the emergency food system. Donations are necessary - but so is lasting, systemic change.

We need to enact just policies around food, farming, and government assistance to people living in poverty. So, while the garden is put to bed for the winter, please join us in getting your voice heard.

Following up on last week's post about food policy in WA State, we want to let you know about a great opportunity for policy advocacy. Hunger Action Day on Friday February 3rd is a powerful way of letting your legislators know what you care about. Hundreds of anti-hunger and food justice advocates from across the state come together in Olympia to lobby the legislature on policies that affect people's ability to access healthy and nourishing food. Talking with your legislators and their aides is the most effective way to participate in the democratic process. 

Photo from Hunger Action Day 2011
Even if you know your legislator is planning on voting the way you'd like them to, it's important to talk to them. Telling your story can ensure they have an emotional connection to the issue, the same way you do. Legislators like to have language rooted in their constituents' stories to use during discussions. It is our right as citizens to demand our representatives do just that - represent us. And they can only do that if they know what we want.

Hunger Action Day is sponsored by the WA State Anti-Hunger and Nutrition Coalition. To read about this year's legislative priorities, visit their website.

To sign up for Hunger Action Day, click here. In the box where it asks you how you heard about Hunger Action Day, please put Lettuce Link - we want to know how many of you we reached with this blog post!

                           THIS IS THE LAST WEEK TO REGISTER SO DON'T DELAY!

State Capitol in Olympia

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