Thursday, February 16, 2012

Cultivating Cupcakes?

This Valentine's Day, Lettuce Link sure did turn up the heat -- and the sugar content -- as we raised funds to send staff to the Growing Food & Justice for All Initiative (GFJI) conference this September.

Together with other staff members in Solid Ground's Hunger Action Center, our ovens churned out hundreds of homemade convections. As if dark chocolate macaroons and red velvet cupcakes weren't enough, our sticky marketing spiels made the event entirely irresistible.
Apple Corps' artiste Jen Yogi created this glowing display to educate visitors on GFJI, which she attended last year
When the flour finally settled, we'd raised more than $1250 to support professional development in anti-racism and food reform. Huge kudos go to Emily Law, Apple Corps member with Partners in Caring -- who organized the whole shebang. 

The fabulous Ms. Law presents the saccharine spread
Thanks to everyone who helped out & supported the sale. Watch out for next year -- it's an annual event!

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