Monday, April 2, 2012

Sharing our Growing and Giving Knowledge

On a recent Monday evening, Lettuce Link hosted 40 Giving Gardeners from across Seattle at Coyote Central, to share dinner (graciously provided by Chaco Canyon Cafe) and conversation about why and how we Grow and Give.

 Greens from the Picardo P-Patch Glean-Out, October 2011
Lettuce Link is grounded in the Growing and Giving tradition. For over twenty years we've worked with P-Patches and other community gardens to grow extra food for food banks, meal programs, low-income housing residents, senior centers and other places in our community where people living on limited incomes can supplement their diets with fresh, organic, local produce.

The why is simple—there is a need and, as community gardeners, we can grow and share the bounty of the garden with our neighbors.

The how is more nuanced. The specifics are unique to each garden, based on size, location, leadership style and recipients of the produce. 

Food bank garden table at the Magnuson P-Patch
We brought together both brand-new and seasoned Giving Gardeners, who offered tips on involving volunteers, connecting with recipients, and keeping the entire garden engaged.

Thanks to a generous donation from last year's Blues for Food Fest proceeds, we distributed compost to many of the gardeners to use in their Giving Garden plots.

The room was packed, the energy palpable, the conversation loud and animated. Now we just need to find a sun break to get those seeds into the ground!

Thank you to our partners and all the gardeners for your support of Growing and Giving!


Click here for resources and more information about how Lettuce Link can support your Growing and Giving efforts.

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