Thursday, October 4, 2012

Why Be a Fruit Harvest Leader?

Introducing Cassie Hibbert

On a recent sunny afternoon, Cassie and I sat on her back porch, enjoying rosemary sugar cookies that she had baked herself. Cassie and I met in July when she first applied to be a Harvest Leader after finding out about the Community Fruit Tree Harvest through the Central District News blog

Having grown up picking fruit with her family in Oregon, Cassie thought volunteering would be a good opportunity to re-direct food from going into the waste stream to going to people who need it.

Over sugar cookies and lemonade, Cassie reflected on getting to know her neighbors and being involved in the Community Fruit Tree Harvest. (If the audio below doesn't work, click here to listen to it.)

Aside from being a Harvest Leader, Cassie is an amazing pendant lamp maker. Check out her work at

~Amanda Lee, Harvest Coordinator

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