Friday, April 12, 2013

Future farmers and foodies are back on the farm!

Our good friends and future farmers are back, and this time out on the farm! Ms. Betts' third grade class didn't skip a beat -- they hauled compost in wheelbarrows, pulled weeds, and turned bed after bed of cover crop into the soil.

Only pausing for a brief moment to eat lunch, they managed to move compost to every bed in the greenhouse, turn seven beds of over-wintered peas, and weed in the children's garden. I challenged them to find the longest roots they possibly could while they were pulling grass from the beds, and I was impressed by their determination. Using trowels, they dug deeper and deeper until they could pull out the entire root system.

Throughout the afternoon we discovered and were delighted by the many worms. We took a moment to discuss the myth of worms being able to regrow after they are cut in half and tried to "see" the world through a worm's perspective.

Closing the day, Ms. Betts gathered her students in a circle to discuss the importance of the work they did.  Her students wanted to be a part of the entire process - from seed packing, to getting the beds ready to plant, to harvesting, and everything in between. And what a help they are!

Thanks again to this intrepid third grade class for their hard work, and we look forward to their future visits to Marra Farm this spring!

~ Mandy, Apple Corps Member with Lettuce Link

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