Friday, June 14, 2013

Spring at Marra Farm: New Friends and New Food

Some of Lettuce Link's interns and volunteers have been guest blogging for us over these past few months. Today, we welcome the final words of Molly Bell, a UW student and Lettuce Link spring intern.

As I conclude my internship, I've realized that one of the most memorable aspects of working at Marra Farm these past few months has been witnessing the relentless power of volunteers. Every Saturday for four hours, rain or shine, volunteers from organizations, companies, and religious groups all over the greater Seattle area contribute to the prosperity of Marra Farm.

I have met new people, made connections with strangers, and am leaving with new friends. Many of the volunteers at Marra Farm are connected by their common interest in growing food. However, for others who have never had the chance to work on a farm or grow food, coming for a day of service with their company can inspire new interests.

Marra Farm reconnects people - including me - to food: where it comes from, how it is grown, and how to cook it. I learned to identify baby vegetable plant starts by only their first leaves. As a co-teacher with the children’s garden and nutrition classes, I tried new foods and cooked new dishes from different cultures, including Ethiopian- and Asian-inspired cuisines.

In an era dependent on technology, I found it very refreshing to escape the distractions of phones, TVs and computers each week and have the chance to meet and talk to new people, face to face.

My spring at Marra Farm has solidified my belief that food, whether eaten around a dinner table or grown at a farm, brings people together. Food undeniably unites people of all cultures. As I move on to new adventures, I know I’ll be growing and cooking food wherever I go.

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