Thursday, September 5, 2013

Sharing the Bounty of the Season

It's September, which for many people means school is starting and summer is officially over. For the Community Fruit Tree Harvest, though, it means we're in full swing and looking forward to more pears and apples as the season goes on.

Our many volunteers have been hard at work harvesting and delivering fruit. We've donated over 2600 pounds of fruit so far - that's more than one ton!

We've received very positive feedback from organizations receiving the fruit. Immanuel Community Services Food Bank, for example, distributed donated apples not just at the food bank, but shared them with kids during an end-of-summer celebration at the Free Summer Meals program they sponsored at a local park.

Eating fresh fruit during the summer is a wonderful way to enjoy the season and be healthy at the same time. We're so happy to help provide this to kids and adults who might not otherwise be able to afford fresh fruit.

The Community Fruit Tree Harvest also brings volunteers together to harvest and learn from each other. Earlier this month I learned from Rita, a volunteer harvest leader for the Central District and Capitol Hill neighborhoods, that some trees, if not pruned properly, will only bear fruit every other year. That's a good incentive to keep trees properly pruned and cared for, so that you'll have fruit every year.

After our dry summer, many fruit trees are thirsty. With the arrival of the autumn rains, harvesting might be a little more of an adventure, but the change in weather brings the promise of healthy, nourished, trees and fruit for years to come.

There's still plenty of harvesting to do, and if you're interested in donating fruit or volunteering with us, please contact me: or 206.694.6751.

~Mariah, Harvest Coordinator

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