Friday, March 12, 2010

This Week at Marra Farm

Marra Farm opened on Saturday, March 6th, which was a beautiful sunny day! Led by the fabulous group from Team Mason who open and close the farm each year, we unloaded the rented storage locker and trucked all our tools back to a newly reconfigured storage shed. Sue is particularly pleased about a new shelf for storing produce bins, which frees up some space for a workbench and hand tools.

With two teams from Seattle Works, leaves were raked off the beds, and a whole crop of strawberries and blueberry bushes were planted! The garlic and onions are peeking out of the beds, and there are 40 flats of peas grown by South Park Fresh Starts ready to go into the ground.

Tuesday brought a delivery of a truckload of donated compost from Cedar Grove, and volunteers ranging from a group of students from the College of Charleston in South Carolina on an alternative spring break trip, 8th grade students from Seattle Academy participating in a week of service, and a new friend visiting Seattle from the Columbia Center for Urban Agriculture in Columbia, Missouri.

Friday brings a group of students from Seattle Central Community College’s Environmental Issues class. What better way to learn about the environment than immersing your hands in the soil?

Many hands make light work at Marra Farm – we’re excited for a bountiful growing season!

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