Friday, May 14, 2010

Spring Into Bed

Lettuce Link Program Manager Michelle Bates-Benetua and daughter plant at City Hall.

This past weekend, Letuce Link joined in with other community organizations throughout Seattle to build food justice gardens as part of Spring Into Bed. Spring Into Bed is a grassroots, city-wide one-day dash to transform the urban landscape into edible gardens. It was a fabulous way to connect with others around gardening and fresh vegetables.

Lettuce Link staff and our families participated all over the city as garden experts, donating time and expertise in gardening and leading volunteers at four different sites in Seattle, including a Giving Garden expansion at City Hall, North Helpline Food Bank in Lake City, Odessa Brown Clinic, and the Boys and Girls Club in the Central District, and Orion Carrillo's house in Southwest Seattle.

The day was a great success! With high spirits and sunny skies volunteers turned out all over the city. Click here to see a map of all the gardens created and worked on as a part of Spring Into Bed!

Check out more great photos of Spring Into Bed.

new garden beds for Odessa Brown Clinic and the Boys and Girls Club.

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