Wednesday, May 19, 2010

This Week at Marra Farm: Huge Harvests and Tiny Tendrils

This week at Marra Farm: Huge Harvests and Tiny Tendrils

Concord Elementary students reaped the benefits of the recent sunny weather and went home with bags full of fresh veggies these last two weeks.  They harvested spinach, cilantro, radishes, and lettuce from their personal 2'x2' plots and were thrilled about bringing it home to their families.

We used spinach from the "big garden" to make delicious spinach quesadillas, which were a huge hit with the students.  When asked what they would make with their own harvests, answers ranged from "A big salad!" to "Spinach quesadillas again!"

Students also examined the newly flowered pea vines, noticing the way the tendrils reached and wrapped around the trellis.  "They're like people," one student commented.

Our 5th grade students also did some hands-on soil and water studies with samples they collected from around the farm.  An unfortunate teachable moment came when students discovered a soapy substance in our creek.  We thought about where it may have come from and what it might do to our creek and overall ecosystem.  It was an effective, if somber reminder about the importance of healthy soil and water, and how we are all connected.

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