Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Fruit Tree Care

As we rev up for the Community Fruit Tree Harvest (200 lbs of transparent apples picked last week!), we run into many homeowners that want to learn more about caring for their fruit trees. Lucky for them, there are great resources in Seattle!

Seattle Tilth's Garden Hotline is a wonderful resource for gardening, tree fruit, and other growing questions. They're also the place to call to donate your fruit! 206-633-0224 or help@gardenhotline.org

Our friends at City Fruit offer classes throughout the year and have a variety of resources available online as well. Check out their summer pruning class on August 14. They're also busy harvesting in Phinney/Greenwood, Crown Hill, and SE Seattle.

Plant Amnesty guides tree owners to resources for tree care and pruning professionals.

Seattle Tree Fruit Society brings together people (beginners to experts!) that are interested in growing fruit trees and other edibles. They're a wealth of knowledge.

Live in West Seattle? Community Harvest of Southwest Seattle organizes the fruit harvest in West Seattle and hosts a variety of classes too.

And if you'd like to harvest some fruit or donate your own, Lettuce Link's Community Fruit Tree Harvest is ready for action! We harvest plums, pears, apples, Asian pears, and grapes in Ballard, NE Seattle, Central Seattle, Capitol Hill, NE Seattle, and Wallingford.


Jennifer said...

I have also found a great website that can help others with information on fruit trees http://graggfarmsandnrsery.com. They also sell beautiful healthly trees.

Laraib Malik said...

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