Monday, August 30, 2010

Harvesting Hands

This summer, Asian pears, pears, and apples are the darlings of Lettuce Link's Community Fruit Tree Harvest. We're missing the Italian prune plum mania of 2009, but love to harvest and donate nevertheless!

Since 2005, volunteers with Lettuce Link's Community Fruit Tree Harvest have been harvesting urban fruit. Our volunteers have the harvest happen year after year. Thanks to their efforts, thousands of pounds of fruit make it to people rather than rotting on the ground.

photo by Sadie Beauregard
This season, we have volunteer harvest leads in Seattle neighborhoods along with fruit harvesters around the city. We've been busy harvesting and donating in Ballard, Central Seattle, NE Seattle, South Park, and Wallingford.

Recently, I had the pleasure of picking beautiful pears in Northeast Seattle. The owner gave me a tour of her tree and relayed tales of canning and eating pears. At 90 years old, she still waters her pear tree regularly and was thrilled to have her fruit harvested and used. Her pears were enjoyed by clients at Family Works Food Bank and Providence Regina Food Bank. These stories and smiles make the Community Fruit Tree Harvest a joy to work with.

As of August 30, we've harvested 1824 pounds of fruit and donated to a variety of organizations, including: U-District Food Bank, CAMP Food Bank, Providence Regina Food Bank, Hopelink Shoreline, Loyal Heights Community Center, Silvercrest Senior Residences, VOA Greenwood, Union Gospel Mission, and North Helpline.

Take a look at Lettuce Link's 'Where to Donate' sheet for Seattle food banks, meals programs, and community organizations that accept fresh produce donations.

To get help harvesting and donating your fruit, please contact Seattle Tilth's Garden Hotline at 206-633-0224 or

-Sadie Beauregard, Lettuce Link

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