Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Shed Building at the Seattle Community Farm

The Seattle Community Farm is looking more and more like a working farm. Thanks to the 20 AmeriCorps members from East and South King County Habitat for Humanity programs, we have a great start on our new tool shed!

The group came to volunteer for the Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service, and they worked hard!  In the morning, one team got started cutting wood and constructing the floor, while another group deciphered the directions to build wheelbarrows from a kit.

By lunch the shed had a finished floor and the frames in place for two of the walls.


The wheelbarrows were assembled and put to use, creating woodchip pathways throughout the farm.

Lunch itself was an experience! Four members of the Habitat group cooked pork sandwiches, beans, amazing potato salad and coleslaw for the whole team. Delicious!

The shed builders spent the afternoon building the remaining shed walls, framing the roof and putting up siding.

The rest of the group helped us remove invasive blackberries from the perimeter of the farm - a job that’s much harder than it sounds!

We also dug irrigation ditches, which we hope will prevent future flood damage.

 Thanks to the hard work of many volunteers, the entire Seattle Community Farm is making great progress towards being ready for spring planting!  Some members of the Habitat team generously agreed to volunteer with us next week to finish up work on the shed, so stay tuned for pictures of the finished product.

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