Friday, June 24, 2011

Seattle Community Farm is up and running!

The Seattle Community Farm finally looks like a farm! With the help of our wonderful and dedicated volunteers, we have finished creating all the beds, and are almost finished planting them, too.

We accomplished this with the help of 35 volunteers donating over 200 hours over the past two months.

The reason it has taken so much time and work to finish creating and planting the beds is we've had to amend the soil pretty heavily. The soil we started with was almost pure clay. It could have made a nice bowl, but was not such a nice environment for plants.

So first we spread 100 yards of partially composted manure. That was quite a feat. At one point, it seemed like we'd never be done. I named the pile "Compostia, queen of the manure people" in an effort to keep our spirits up as we slowly chipped away at the pile. But eventually it was done. Then Scott spent seven hours with a walk-behind tiller tilling the compost into the existing soil.

To make sure our plants have a nutrient-rich environment in which to grow, we added another 100 yards of topsoil above the compost. This topsoil mix is really well composted soil, with some sand to make it drain perfectly.

To make each bed, we raked out the paths, added topsoil to the bed and spread it smooth.

As the season goes on, we're getting more and more volunteers helping out each day. The farm is starting to come alive, both with plants growing and people working. Thanks everyone for all your time!

Finishing the beds came just in time for our Grand Opening, which is happening this Saturday, June 25th. The event is at the farm, from 12 - 3pm, and will feature a few speakers, crafts and activities for kids, and a light lunch. Visit our website for directions: 

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