Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Spring harvests & summer plantings at Marra

The buzzing bees of Marra Farm are busy busy busy: harvesting spring vegetables, sowing summer edibles, readying the farm for the next crop of kids -- and of course pollinating the crops. School's out, which means that our spring classes have come to a close. The 5th graders peeled back layers of weeds to discover lots of good food in their gardens, and gave reports to their classmates on their garden experiments. Most parties concluded that the most dramatic result was from Team Organic, who asked "what happens if you plant vegetables in the dark?" Their finding? They don't grow, at all. The 2nd graders ended on a thunderously rainy day, but were still able to sample their garden-fresh peas alongside canned & frozen peas. See the below picture for their conclusions.

Marra Farm propaganda?
What's more: our kids' garden is looking especially radiant thanks to an awesome donation from the folks at Home Depot. Their team of skilled builders installed raised beds, a fence, and fresh paths -- in addition to donating many flats of herbs, fruit shrubs, tomatoes, and more. Huge thanks also goes to Ruby over at Concord International Elementary for connecting us to this project.

See the shiny fence, raised beds, and bright new mulch
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As always, find more beautiful Marra Farm photos taken by volunteer Steve Tracy here

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