Monday, April 9, 2012

From Seattle to Zambia

Today we bring you some thoughts from our fabulous intern, Alice. She has hit the ground running, and we're so pleased to have her at Marra Farm this spring before she departs for Zambia. 

Hello! My name is Alice and I am interning with Lettuce Link at Marra Farm this spring and summer. I initially connected with Lettuce Link to gain more experience before departing for the Peace Corps in July and I've fallen in love with Marra Farm. I'm learning many things that will help me during my 27 months of service, and I'm excited to share some them with you each month.

Spring is upon us at Marra Farm in the way Seattle does it best – cold and wet! It's been a busy month, full of hauling compost, starting seeds and shed reorganization, but we're making lots of progress. Bok choi and tomato starts are coming up in the greenhouse and the pea sprouts are peeking out from the soil in the garden. Our muscles are getting a workout rebuilding and turning the garden beds. It's finally starting to look like a farm again after the long winter.

I am trying to absorb as much information as I can to help me succeed in my Peace Corps service, but I am finding that some of the most useful lessons are not specifically about what or how to plant.  The climate in Sub-Saharan Africa is radically different from the Pacific Northwest, but the principles of farm management are similar - especially the concept of making something out of very little. I'm learning a lot from Sue about how to run a farm with limited supplies and funding - repurposing and recycling everything that can be useful.

The few volunteer groups we've had so far this spring have been phenomenal and I have nothing but good feelings about the rest of the season. I look forward to sharing with you more throughout the season!

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