Monday, April 16, 2012

Tomatoes & Peppers & Eggplants, OH MY!

Update: At the end of May, the Marra Farm community came together for food, celebration and planting. See photos of the day here.

The rumors are true, folks: we are now the proud stewards of a grand new greenhouse, to be used and enjoyed by all who grow food at Marra Farm.

Stretching 60' x 25', it looks impressive and feels even better 
Come visit the steamroom soon!

In a greenhouse, incoming solar radiation (light) enters through clear glass or plastic walls and becomes trapped, creating heat. Greenhouses help farmers in many ways - allowing us to extend the growing season, control weather conditions, and grow delicious vegetables that thrive in climates warmer than Seattle. The greenhouse, like almost everything at Marra Farm, has already been been adapted for unforeseen purposes, serving as an 'indoor' garden classroom for the young farmers from Concord International Elementary who came on a rainy day.

Sue McGann, who coordinates Lettuce Link's Giving Garden at Marra Farm, has been dreaming and scheming about this project for years. The greenhouse wouldn't have come to fruition without the extremely generous support from our friends at the BDA Corporation. Over the past ten month, these fine people not only provided funding and materials, but volunteered their time and labor to move existing garden beds, level the ground, and finally build the greenhouse.

We are also grateful to Eddie Hill of Seattle Tilth, who used his skills and expertise learned from Growing Power to oversee the construction procress. José Basilio and gardeners from the Marra Farm P-Patch, Yao-Fou Chao and other Mien community farmers, Marra Farm beekeeper David Feinberg, and many others came together to raise this project up from the crabgrass.

Day 1: Leveling the ground

Measuring the site
Sawing the pipes, which will become the support beams
End of Day 1: the skeleton is up!

Day 2: Wrangling a gigantic piece of plastic

Eddie secures the plastic

And voila! A greenhouse is born.

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