Tuesday, November 27, 2012

An Irrigation Makeover at Marra Farm!

Drip-drop and pitter-patter were the sounds heard on a recent rainy day at Marra Farm, while a group of volunteers from Boeing were busy working away installing a drip irrigation system. 

Drip irrigation in Seattle, you ask? Contrary to popular belief, it doesn't rain all the time in Seattle - just all the time for about eight months. But when it does stop raining, Marra Farm is in full swing with many, many thirsty plants.

In an effort to give our plants a drink when they need it and keep the drip-drop and pitter-patter a’coming on days without the gray skies and rain clouds, we are phasing in a drip irrigation system at Marra Farm.

Remember the greenhouse we installed last spring? Well, our friends at the BDA Corporation have continued their support of Lettuce Link's Marra Farm Giving Garden, generously donating funds for the initial implementation of our new irrigation system. We installed the drip system in a few perennial beds in August, and wow, the strawberries loved it! Despite a record sunny dry spell this fall, we ate strawberries well-into October.

We installed the next phase of the project on that rainy November day. Working with a group of ten volunteers, we managed to irrigate nearly 25 beds. Come spring, we will complete the rest of the project, saving water, time, and money.

Next year we'll be hearing the drip-drop and pitter-patter all season long, on rainy and sunny days.

~ Mandy, Apple Corps Member with Lettuce Link

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