Thursday, March 17, 2011

A soggy start at Marra Farm

March 4 marked the grand opening of the Marra Farm growing season. We cheered! We peeled back leaf blankets and piled on barrows of compost! We even unpacked the formidable container shed with help from students in Seattle Central's sustainable agriculture program.

But since that first day, the skies have rained, and rained, and hailed, and .. rained. Nearly two weeks later, we haven't planted a single seed in the soaking ground, for fear that they will rot before they germinate. It is so wet that a temporary pond has formed and pairs of ducks have taken up residence. They are very cute, but enough is enough.

Eventually, the water will drain and we will  begin direct seeding carrots and beets, as well as transplanting the diverse array of vegetable plants we have started in our greenhouses. C'mon, sunshine!

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